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What’s it all about?


Tech Free Me will be a website accessible on desktop and mobile devices that will outline the mental health and relationship benefits of taking a break from tech and allow the user to define a break from all, or certain types of tech.

How it Works

1. Choose your break

The user defines a short break to match with a physical holiday, a re-occurring time every week or even a permanent removal of some types of tech, for example, a social media platform. 

2. See the benefits

After selecting the options of a tech break the user will be able to see what positive effects that specific combination has on previous users health, happiness and relationships.

3. Share your plan

Once a plan is made the site will allow the user to share their planned break with their social media connections and digital contacts so that they are aware of why they might be tech silent.


4. Feedback how you feel

The site will offer advice and support throughout the user’s break and finally will ask for feedback on the benefits they have experienced being tech-free so that it can be fed back to new users.